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An accredited alcohol detox center designed to achieve lasting sobriety

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Individualized Alcohol Detox Center

Everyone’s addiction tale is unique! No two people have the same background, mental health issues, and substance addiction. As a result, we develop completely customized therapy regimens to fit each person.

Our Program Summary

Alcohol detox treatment at our rehabilitation facility is comprehensive. It addresses alcohol use disorder, co-occurring mental health issues, and medical care requirements in one treatment plan.

The Advantages of an Alcohol Detox Center

Treatment phases

We discovered that individuals who complete detox and rehabilitation in tandem are less likely to relapse and more likely to stay sober for a longer time. It’s critical to have an aftercare strategy in place once treatment has ended so you can continue to succeed when you’re ready to return home.


- Cleanse -

We’ll work with you to get your physical addiction to alcohol out of your system, removing the harmful poisons from your body. To help you deal with unpleasant alcohol withdrawal symptoms, we will use therapeutic activities and specialized medicines.


- Understand -

You’ll come out of detox, at which point you’ll move on to rehabilitation, where we will concentrate on the mental aspects of your addiction. You’ll understand why you became hooked to alcohol in the first place, how to control urges that cause relapse, and retrain your brain to operate normally without it.


- Apply -

Transition from our inpatient program to an aftercare program that is more flexible. Return to your natural surroundings and apply what you’ve learned in the rehabilitation stage. Use the plan that you developed in our luxury facility to resist your triggers and continue your recovery.

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Alcohol Detox Center Services

During the detox and rehabilitation process, you will receive a complementary combination of therapies that have shown to be beneficial to recovery.

How Much Does an Alcohol Detox Center Cost?

The cost of our alcohol detox center at California Centers for Recovery is different for each client. Why? We create completely unique treatment strategies based on each person’s specific addiction, background, and mental health needs. We work with most insurance companies in the United States to offer the greatest coverage at a reasonable price. To see if your insurance will cover your treatment, verify it now:

Success Stories

My cousin came here to detox from opiates, specifically heroin and oxycodone. She was also abusing alcohol as well. This is a top notch medical detox facility, nothing else like it.

Laura F.
Alumni February 2021

The doctors are here to help you and genuinely do care! Please contact them and make the call to change your life!!!

Brock M.
Alumni January 2021

The staff is absolutely amazing. By far the most important factor in the quality of a recovery center is the people who work there. From the doctors to the therapists to the support team.

Cindy L.
Alumni May 2021

Start with a clean slate, avoid relapse, and learn how to live a sober life.

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