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Addiction Therapy Programs

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If you or a loved one are struggling to stop using drugs or alcohol, our team of addiction experts can help you get sober a learn the skills for lifelong recovery.

a beautiful building home to addiction therapy programsAfter detoxing from drugs and alcohol, taking the next steps on the road to recovery can feel challenging. Addiction therapy programs help people who have recently stopped using drugs or alcohol uncover the root causes of their addiction so they can manage cravings and triggers. At California Centers for Recovery, we offer a wide range of therapies to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

We utilize holistic and evidence-based addiction therapies that focus on whole-person healing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent decades or weeks struggling to stop using drugs or alcohol; we can help you break your dependence and learn to stay sober for life. Learn more about the therapies we use in our Los Angeles luxury rehab by calling 877.328.5682 today.

Our Addiction Therapy Programs in Los Angeles

Our team of addiction experts facilitates a full suite of therapies in order to promote healing and true recovery in each of our clients. When clients enter residential treatment at our Los Angeles center, they’ll follow a personalized treatment program made up of a mix of hand-selected therapies.

Group Therapy

Clients meet in groups in our boutique center to share their stories and gain perspective on their own substance use history. This is an excellent time for them to practice and improve communication skills, develop strategies for overcoming social anxiety, and learn more about setting reasonable boundaries.

Our groups are led by mental health professionals and recovery specialists who utilize 12-step principles to provide a framework for healthy discussion about long-term recovery. Groups meet multiple times per week and allow clients to talk about their progress, share ideas for enhancing their treatment experiences, set goals for their futures, and share resources that help maintain sobriety.

Individual Addiction Counseling Programs

In private meetings with licensed therapists, clients learn to connect with themselves in a more vulnerable manner so they can begin healing. During these sessions, therapists will lead discussions about:

  • Recognizing stress and triggers that cause cravings
  • Identifying enablers and enabling behaviors
  • Spotting toxic relationships and environments

Clients may regularly engage in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps them identify negative thought patterns and replace them with positive mindsets conducive to long-term success. Individual counseling is an excellent place to process trauma and grief, understand guilt, and realize how their experiences and emotions may have set the stage for addiction.

Holistic Healing

The all-inclusive approach to healing at California Centers for Recovery cannot be complete without focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. Our holistic approach helps our clients learn new skills for managing work-life balance, good nutrition, and stress management through various approaches.

Clients regularly engage in mindfulness practices, yoga therapy, meditation, nutritional workshops, and physical exercise classes. These methods help promote proper sleep, general life stability, mutually rewarding relationships, and other goals by helping them reconnect with themselves and discover what is important to them.

12-Step Recovery

The 12-step model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous is just one of the therapy models we use to help our clients build the groundwork for a healthy, stable future. This empowering element of treatment provides the opportunity for clients to access the tools and inner permissions needed to maintain control of their actions.

12-step programming is mostly done in group settings but is highly personal. Our team of recovery specialists works with each client individually to create their own recovery goals based on the model.

Family Therapy

Addiction affects everyone, not just the person using drugs or alcohol. Our family therapy program prepares families to establish safe, healthy, and trigger-free environments for clients in early recovery.

Family counselors also work with relatives and loved ones to help them heal the trauma that may stem from addiction, teach them how to stop enabling behaviors, and reduce the stigma of addiction so they can rebuild strong bonds.

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Addiction Therapy Programs at California Centers for Recovery

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, the team at California Centers for Recovery can help. Our evidence-based therapies in our luxury rehab center provide safe spaces where our clients can learn how to break their dependence on substances and stay sober for life. Learn more by contacting us online or calling 877.328.5682