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When it comes to choosing a rehab program for your drug or alcohol addiction, the options seem endless. From day treatment and dorm-style inpatient to wilderness and holistic therapies, the choices you have can seem overwhelming. One option that warrants a second look is luxury drug treatment centers. Luxury treatment centers feature top-tier accommodations, amenities, and programs that provide the comfort and support you need on your journey to recovery. If you are looking for luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers in Southern California, the California Centers for Recovery offers luxury rehab programs that fit your unique and specific needs. Call us toll-free today to find out more information.

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What Are

Luxury Rehabs?

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Luxury drug and alcohol rehabs are upscale facilities that provide an extremely high quality of care. These facilities provide a myriad of effective treatment options that are specifically customized to each client’s needs. Additionally, these resort-styled treatment centers provide a safe and comfortable environment so clients can focus on their recovery. Luxury treatment facilities are known for their breathtaking locations, top-notch amenities, and innovative treatments and therapy, and they are also known to focus on client privacy. In fact, all members of the treatment staff sign non-disclosure agreements while employed at these facilities.

Luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers will go above and beyond to meet clients’ needs. These facilities provide evidence-based treatment options such as psychotherapy and medication-assisted therapy (MAT) along with emerging therapies such as adventure therapy, massage therapy, and animal therapy. Luxury rehab centers also provide clients excellent amenities such as fitness centers and access to personal trainers. <br> Additionally, these rehab centers feature in-house chefs who create healthy gourmet meals for clients.

The Difference Between Luxury and Non-Luxury Drug Rehab Centers

The differences between luxury drug rehab centers and more “traditional” treatment centers go beyond amenities and appearances. The following is a more detailed breakdown of the differences between these drug and alcohol rehab centers. While there are exceptions, these differences are common across the board.

Traditional (or Non-Luxury) Treatment Centers often feature basic bedrooms with multiple beds and several people in each room. These rehab facilities have high patient-to-staff ratios, so a client may not receive as much personal attention. Traditional rehabs can have recreational/workout areas, but the equipment can be limited or older. For meals, these facilities generally feature buffet-style dining.

As far as therapy is concerned, most traditional rehabs feature standard behavioral therapies such as psychotherapy and CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) as their primary options. These facilities may also have a larger number of entry-level clinicians with a few highly trained clinicians on staff. Many traditional rehabs don’t feature dual diagnosis treatment, and clients may have limited access to therapists outside of their scheduled sessions. Additionally, many traditional rehab programs have strict policies regarding the use of cell phones.


Luxury Treatment Centers feature resort-style bedrooms that are spacious, and clients can request private rooms. There are lower patient-to-staff ratios so clients can receive more specialized care and attention from staff. Unlike most traditional treatment facilities, luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers have fully-equipped workout rooms that are state-of-the-art. Additionally, these facilities feature recreation rooms, cinema rooms, pools, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, and a wide range of outdoor activities. 

For therapy and treatment options, luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers feature a wider variety of therapy programs, including behavioral, experiential, and holistic options. Treatment staff features a higher percentage of Masters-level clinicians and experienced support staff. Unlike many traditional rehab programs, luxury drug rehab facilities feature dual diagnosis treatment programs and have the capability to treat multiple mental health issues. Additionally, clients have greater access to staff after sessions. Those in luxury rehabs also have the option to use cell phones or other means of electronic communication and, in some cases, may be able to work while in treatment. 



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What are the Benefits of Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Undergoing a treatment program at a luxury drug and alcohol rehab center has several benefits that will give you the best chance at lifelong recovery. While briefly touched upon in the previous section, going over these benefits in more detail may help make your decision to choose a luxury treatment program more clear:

  • Expert Medical Staff—since luxury treatment programs feature experienced, expert medical staff, it improves your odds of lasting recovery. This is done through a customized treatment plan put together by treatment staff that is tailored for your needs.
  • Amenities—luxury rehab programs provide great amenities such as private, suite-like bedrooms with features like balconies and private bathrooms. These amenities and added privacy give you the space you need to feel comfortable.
  • Breathtaking Settings—probably the best feature of luxury rehabs is their settings. These rehabs are situated in natural settings such as beaches and mountains. These settings create tranquility and relaxation, which is more conducive to recovery.
  • Activities—taking advantage of the surroundings, luxury rehabs can provide many outside activities such as hiking, swimming and snorkeling, and mountain biking. Additionally, these facilities feature outdoor tennis courts and basketball courts.
  • Pampering—luxury treatment programs feature gourmet meals prepared by onsite chefs and services such as yoga and acupuncture and even onsite spa services.

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What is the Cost of a Luxury Drug Treatment Program?

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Luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers feature many excellent amenities, programs, and exclusive perks not found in other treatment facilities. However, those benefits can come with a hefty price tag. In general, drug treatment and rehab require a considerable financial commitment. In the case of luxury treatment centers, that financial commitment can deter people from seeking help. It is essential to know the types of payment options luxury treatment facilities accept, the insurances taken, and if it is the right treatment option for you.

Fortunately, most luxury drug treatment centers work with many insurance companies and offer both in-network and out-of-network coverage. While insurance may take care of a significant portion of your treatment stay, there may be services and amenities that are not considered essential and won’t be covered under your insurance.

Whether you are insured, underinsured, or don’t have insurance, luxury treatment centers may offer alternative payment plans that may work for you and your budget. Options may include a sliding fee scale or long-term monthly payment plans.

Our Luxury Drug Treatment Center

With the information presented, you may feel that luxury rehab may be the best option for you or a loved one in dealing with your addiction. You may ask yourself, “is there a luxury drug rehab near me?” California Centers for Recovery (CCR) should be the first phone call you make if you are in the Southern California area. CCR offers luxury rehab services that address the underlying causes of your addiction and give you to tools to move forward in recovery confidently.

We offer medical detox services that will help make the withdrawal process more comfortable and less painful. Through the use of medication-assisted treatment, nutritional therapy, and a thorough assessment of underlying medical or mental health issues, we will help stabilize you and help you transition to intensive residential treatment. During your time in residential treatment, our experienced and expert staff will employ a wide variety of therapy and programs customized to your specific needs and goals. This type of individualized program will give you the tools and motivation to succeed and grow in your sobriety.

Once you have completed treatment, it is highly recommended that you pursue some form of aftercare to help bolster your confidence as you transition back to your everyday life. The staff at CCR can help set you up with an outside aftercare program. This program can include group meetings, 12-step group therapy, and continued therapy. 

If you or a loved one are in need of addiction treatment, CCR’s luxury rehab program can be what you need to break the vicious cycle of addiction for good. Call us toll-free right now and speak to one of our compassionate staff members. Your path to recovery is just a phone call away.

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