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Fentanyl Rehab Program

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If you or a loved one are struggling to stop using drugs or alcohol, our team of addiction experts can help you get sober a learn the skills for lifelong recovery.

man learning about a fentanyl rehab programPrescription and illicit opioids destroy lives. While many people experience tremendous relief from prescription opioid medications, they can quickly become addicted thanks to the euphoric and powerful pain relief they provide. After becoming addicted to an opioid, running out of a prescription can cause many to turn to illicit drugs to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Heroin and illicitly made fentanyl are two of the most dangerous opioids people turn to. A fentanyl rehab program can help break the cycle of addiction to promote long-term recovery.   

At California Centers for Recovery, our luxury rehab center in Manhattan Beach, California offers a comprehensive fentanyl rehab program. Our addiction treatment professionals are experienced in the treatment of opioid addiction and can provide guidance for a successful detox process. We offer both residential and detox services to help our clients overcome addiction. Learn more about our residential treatment programs by calling 877.328.5682 today.  

 The Dangers of Fentanyl Addiction 

Fentanyl addiction is a severe, life-threatening condition that has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. As a synthetic opioid, fentanyl is 50-100 times more potent than morphine, leading to high rates of overdose and death. Fentanyl-related deaths rose by more than 1,000% between 2013 and 2016. This alarming statistic highlights the urgent need for effective treatment options to combat this deadly epidemic.

Recognizing Fentanyl Addiction: Signs and Symptoms

It is essential to recognize the signs and symptoms of fentanyl addiction to seek help for yourself or loved ones promptly. Some common indicators of fentanyl addiction include: 

  • Intense cravings for the drug 
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using, such as nausea, vomiting, and muscle pain 
  • Increased tolerance, requiring higher doses to achieve the same effect 
  • Trouble meeting personal, professional, and financial obligations 
  • Social isolation and a decline in overall mental health 

If you or someone you love exhibits these signs, it is critical to seek professional help immediately to prevent further harm. 

Fentanyl Detox at California Centers for Recovery 

Detoxification is the initial phase of fentanyl addiction treatment, during which the body is cleansed of the drug and its harmful effects. Due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms, it is crucial to undergo detox under medical supervision. We focus on helping our clients break their dependence on opioids through two detox principles: 

  • Medication-assisted detox – Our team determines the need for medications to manage withdrawal symptoms during an initial assessment. For clients who need them, these medications are carefully administered and monitored by medical professionals to ensure a safe and comfortable detox process. 
  • Inpatient detox – In this setting, clients receive round-the-clock care and support from a team of medical professionals in a safe, controlled environment. This approach is particularly beneficial for those with severe addiction or co-occurring mental health disorders. 

After completing detox, our clients continue in our fentanyl rehab program in our luxury residential treatment center.  

Our Residential Fentanyl Rehab Program 

Following detox, clients transition to a more extended residential treatment program designed to address the underlying causes of addiction. In this level of care, clients can expect: 

  • Individual therapy – One-on-one sessions with a therapist help clients explore personal issues contributing to their addiction and develop coping strategies for lasting recovery. 
  • Group therapy – In a supportive group setting, clients share their experiences and learn from others facing similar challenges. 
  • Family therapy – Addiction impacts the entire family unit, and family therapy helps repair relationships and build a support network for the patient during recovery. 
  • Holistic therapies – Complementary therapies like art therapy, yoga, and mindfulness practices promote overall well-being and help clients develop healthy coping mechanisms. 
  • Aftercare and alumni services – As clients complete treatment, they are provided with resources and support to maintain their recovery journey, including access to alumni programs and ongoing therapy options. 

Our luxury rehab center offers these comprehensive services in a serene, comfortable environment, allowing our clients to focus entirely on their recovery. By addressing the root causes of addiction and providing a strong support system, our residential fentanyl rehab program sets clients up for a successful, lasting recovery. 

Get Started at California Centers for Recovery 

If you or a loved one is struggling with fentanyl addiction, the professionals at California Centers for Recovery are here to provide help. Our comprehensive fentanyl rehab program can guide you through the healing process and provide you with the necessary tools for a successful recovery. Contact us at 877.328.5682 today to learn more about our Manhattan Beach, CA center.