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two people smile and hug on a beach near a benzo detox centerOften referred to as benzos, benzodiazepines are drugs doctors frequently prescribe as anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids, and for some forms of epilepsy treatment. Gaining popularity in the 1970s, these drugs were found to be far less chemically addictive than their predecessors; barbitruates. Sadly, however, many people who’ve been prescribed benzodiazepines find themselves struggling with addiction.

When people make a concerted effort to quit benzos, the only way to ensure their comfort and safety while doing so is to enroll in a benzo detox center. At California Centers for Recovery, our benzodiazepine detox services address both the immediate and extended withdrawal symptoms. We use non-habit-forming medications to mitigate and minimize all resulting physiological stress in our California drug and alcohol detox programs. We also leverage a variety of treatments and therapies for establishing and maintaining mood balance, preventing overwhelming anxiety and depression, and keeping our clients’ motivation levels consistently high.

The Dangers of Benzodiazepine Addiction

Many people find tremendous relief from their symptoms with benzos. However, they are also at risk of abusing the medication by taking more of it than prescribed. Tolerance is quickly built to these medications, and with prolonged use, more is often needed to achieve the same mood-enhancing benefits. As tolerance and use continue, it is not uncommon for people to lie to their doctors to increase their access, purchase benzos illegally, or manipulate or steal to get additional pills from family members or friends.

Nearly 50 million Americans use or have used different kinds of benzos for anxiety, epilepsy, and sleep disorders. Although many patients use these medications exactly as their doctors prescribe, a surprisingly large number of people increase their doses, mix their medications with other drugs, and engage in other forms of prescription drug abuse. Given their high rate of dependency when people struggling with benzos cannot obtain them legally, they often turn to products that can be purchased on the street.

Some of the most common benzos purchased and used illicitly include:

  • Xanax
  • Ativan
  • Valium
  • Klonopin
  • Librium

Trying to quit benzos often results in severe withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous in some cases.

Common Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms of benzodiazepine withdrawal are among the most dangerous people can experience. This is because benzos act as depressants. As such, many of the same symptoms experienced by heavy alcohol users during detox can also present during benzodiazepine withdrawal. With prolonged use and overuse, the brain and body become heavily reliant upon these substances. Sudden abstinence can cause severe distress across major organs, organ systems, and multiple areas of basic functioning.

At our South Bay Area detox center, we streamline care by considering each person’s history of benzodiazepine use, their medical history, their general health, and other factors. Individual detox plans are carefully structured to provide a safe, gradual step down from these products via progressively lowered doses. As needed, alternative medications are used to replace both the anxiety-reducing benefits of benzodiazepines and artificial support.

Among some of the physical withdrawals that people can experience within just 10 hours are:

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Abdominal cramps, nausea, and vomiting
  • Cognitive decline and confusion
  • Headaches
  • Heart palpitations
  • Muscle pain, cramps, and spasms

Much like the early symptoms of alcohol detox, if these early benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms are not properly mitigated, they can quickly spiral out of control. Once this happens, potentially life-threatening developments can occur. Seizures, suicidal thoughts, and suicidal behaviors are not uncommon. For these and many other reasons, people are strongly advised against attempting to detox on their own. 

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How Long Do Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

With medical detox, the worst of a person’s physical withdrawal symptoms will likely peak within just two to four days. In the second week, many people experience a noticeable decline in their severe symptoms, with nearly all symptoms disappearing by week four. This, however, is the time when psychological or post-acute withdrawal symptoms present.

At California Centers for Recovery, you can transition seamlessly from your benzodiazepine detox into our residential addiction treatment program. This program will teach you effective strategies for establishing and maintaining mood balance naturally and for safely managing co-occurring disorders for lasting success in recovery.

A Luxury Benzo Detox Center in Los Angeles, CA

If you’re ready to start your path to healing, the California Centers for Recovery can assist. Our treatment center in Los Angeles County provides you with the attention and support that you require to get through benzo detox successfully. While recovering in luxurious surroundings, stay in nice housing.

Our rehabilitation experts and medical specialists will work with you to design a detox regimen that is suited to your particular requirements. We understand how difficult it may be to withdraw from benzos, so we provide round-the-clock assistance and support. We’ll help you through every stage of the detox process, including withdrawal and rehabilitation.

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