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Are Residential Drug Treatment Programs Worth It?

The fact that you’ve decided to seek treatment for your drug addiction is laudable. If you’re helping a family member navigate the process, this level of support that you’re offering is also praiseworthy. As you’re exploring the options, you’ve likely noticed that both inpatient and outpatient programs exist. At first, you may hesitate when it comes to an inpatient program. After all, you find some comforts in home. Before making a decision, you need to ask yourself if residential drug treatment programs are worth it.

The Value of Residential Drug Treatment Programs

While moving away from your home for a period of time can seem overwhelming, residential treatment programs actually have a lot of benefits to offer to you. Consider some of the reasons why people choose residential programs:

  • time away from triggers
  • space allocated to recovery
  • ability to focus on yourself
  • community of support
  • regular treatment
  • continued support services

Understanding each of these benefits more can help you to make the appropriate decision about the type of treatment to pursue.

Time Away from Triggers

One significant reason to choose a residential program is that you’ll have time away from your triggers. For example, you might feel pressured to use drugs when you’re with certain social contacts or when you walk by a particular location in your neighborhood. Getting away from these triggers for a period of time helps you learn how to cope with them in a healthy manner.

Space Allocated to Recovery

Enrolling in a residential program means that you have a space in which to recover. Consider, for example, how difficult it is to work at home for some people. They feel as though no divide exists between their work day and their leisure time. A similar situation can happen when it comes to recovering from a drug addiction. Going to a residential treatment center means that you’ll have a space that is fully dedicated to your recovery.

Ability to Focus on Yourself

A huge benefit of going to a residential program is that you’ll be able to focus on yourself. If you stay at home for treatment, you’re still going to have the obligations of daily life present. You may need to work, go to school, care for relatives and take care of other responsibilities. While you absolutely ultimately want to return to these responsibilities, you need to focus on yourself at this time. A residential program allows you the opportunity to do so.

Community of Support

At the beginning of your journey, you might not be thinking too much about making friendships and joining in with a community. In fact, these experiences play an important role in your recovery. While you might feel hesitant at first, you are likely to eventually see the benefits of interacting with other residents at the treatment center. Sharing stories with one another can help you to see that you’re not alone on this journey. You may very well find that you maintain friendships with at least some of these people when the treatment program is over. You can help one another when you’re having difficult days.

Regular Treatment

When you’re at a residential treatment center, treatment for your addiction will be a part of your regular life. Instead of randomly going to an appointment when you feel like doing so, treatment programs will play a role in your regular schedule. Recovering from an addiction means that you need a schedule and that consistency is crucial. The staff members at the treatment center will help to keep you on schedule. Also, you will learn about different therapies that can help along your journey.

Continued Support Services

You might be worried that you won’t have access to support after the treatment program is over. When you are researching the options for treatment, check out centers that offer outpatient services once your time in the residential treatment center is completed. You certainly do want to continue with treatment, and you have the ability to do so. For example, you may start attending regular meetings with your counselor. These meetings can even take place virtually. A residential drug treatment program is the right answer in many cases. You get to focus on yourself, and you have the opportunity to create a new life for yourself. To get started with this crucial process, call 424-499-2603 today to speak with a representative.