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Dangers of Mixing Benzos and Alcohol

a person behind an empty bottle holds their head in pain as they struggle with benzos and alcohol addiction

Benzodiazepines, typically referred to as benzos, are prescription medications often used for stress, anxiety, and issues with sleeping. They are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs. However, they carry the potential for misuse and physical dependence. It is not uncommon for someone taking prescription benzos to find themselves struggling with addiction. Another danger with this medication is that they are often used alongside other drugs, which is called polysubstance abuse. One of the most common substances individuals abuse along with benzos is alcohol. While both are legal substances, there are many dangers of benzos and alcohol.

Overcoming addiction to one substance can be challenging enough. Polysubstance abuse treatment can be even more complex as individuals work towards recovery from multiple addictions. When someone struggles with benzo abuse, the safest and most effective way to quit is to enroll in a benzo detox center. If you are looking for a benzodiazepine detox program in Los Angeles, California Centers for Recovery can help. Call our team today for more information.

The Dangers of Benzos and Alcohol

Individuals who misuse benzos may be under the impression that using prescription medications with other drugs or alcohol is better than combining illegal substances. However, the dangers of using benzos and alcohol can be severe. There are many significant risks associated with combining these substances, and medical professionals often explicitly state to their patients to avoid drinking alcohol when taking benzos.

Some of the dangers of benzos and alcohol are:

  • Increased risk of overdose
  • Enhancing the effects of both substances
  • Increasing the potential for severe side effects
  • Reduced cognition
  • Increasing the risk of developing a dependence on one or both substances
  • Higher chance of a mental health condition
  • Increased risk of long-term health complications

The bottom line is that mixing benzos and alcohol is extremely dangerous. Any level of abuse for either substance can lead to significantly harmful results. For those struggling with an addiction to benzos or polysubstance abuse, it is okay to ask for help. To become sober safely and effectively, the best thing to do is participate in a professional addiction treatment program.

Understanding Polysubstance Abuse

Because of the many dangers of benzos and alcohol abuse and the potential for physical dependence, treatment and recovery can be complicated. Detox is also complex, which is why enrolling in a professional detox program is highly recommended. At California Centers for Recovery, we create individual detox plans for each client that takes into consideration their history of substance abuse, medical history, and general health, among other factors. This ensures that our clients are safe and as comfortable as possible while going through detox and experiencing withdrawal.

Our luxury treatment center in Los Angeles County offers individuals a safe and secure environment to get through treatment successfully. Withdrawing from benzos is a difficult process, but we provide around-the-clock support and assistance. Once detox is complete, our clients can transition into our residential treatment program or luxury rehab, where they learn healthy strategies to maintain lasting recovery. We understand how challenging detox and treatment can be, but we are here to help provide you with care and support through every stage.

Substance Abuse Treatment Options at California Centers for Recovery

At our luxury center, we are dedicated to providing a healing and restorative environment for our clients. Individuals facing the dangers of benzos and alcohol can receive the treatment and care they need to achieve long-term recovery. We understand that each person has unique experiences and circumstances with their addiction, so we create individualized plans for detox and residential programs for our clients. Contact California Centers for Recovery at 877.328.5682 to take the first steps towards a brighter future.