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How Cocaine Can Impact Your Heart

a person on a couch clutches their chest possibly experiencing how cocaine can impact your heart

Cocaine is a highly popular party drug that has seen persistent use since before the 1970s, an era in which it solidified its place as the distinguished choice of the high class. Over the last two centuries, research into cocaine’s uses, effects, and risks have revealed, between its euphoric properties and situational medical applications, a large, ever-growing list of health problems resulting from its use. 

Organs affected the most strongly by cocaine are the brain, the respiratory system (specifically the nasal passage), and, of course, the heart. Heart attacks following cocaine usage are far from uncommon—as well as overall worsened heart efficiency. These organ-related problems only become worse with time and can lead to shorter lifespans on average. To learn about cocaine and your heart, reach out to California Centers for Recovery. We provide resources pertaining to the long- and short-term effects of cocaine, heart health, and access to our cocaine detox in California. Contact us at 877.328.5682 today to minimize the harm cocaine may have already done.

Cocaine’s Impact on Blood Pressure

Cocaine is notorious for its intended effect—the signature rush of high adrenaline and heightened blood pressure are what people usually take it for. Putting factors like addiction and impaired judgment aside, the way that cocaine achieves this effect is worth examining since the effects of cocaine and your heart function go hand-in-hand.

Blood pressure is affected by two things: the width of blood vessels and the function of the heart. Normally, the body has a standing heart rate that changes based on age and short-term activity. Introducing cocaine frequently enough to the system can exhaust the heart. The heart may end up requiring more oxygen than the body can provide, which can cause a heart attack.

In addition, cocaine can constrict the blood vessels. Less space for blood cells to travel through means pressure will increase, and higher blood pressure leads to a higher potential for heart problems. The combination of these two effects means that heart failure is unsurprisingly common among cocaine users. Heart failure can be sudden, unexpected, and fatal.

Other Heart-Related Effects of Cocaine Use

Your heart is what sends blood and oxygen to every other part of the body. When something affects the heart, it can pose a threat to the brain, lungs, and muscles. In combination with an existing condition or inadequate physical activity, cocaine can be even more dangerous to the heart and other organs. Typically, the first organs and body parts to suffer from worsening cardiovascular health include:

  • The brain – This vital organ becomes more susceptible to strokes
  • The lungs – Decreased blood flow can result in sharp, short breaths
  • The kidneys – If filtration of foreign chemicals is slowed, they can build up, causing even more harm
  • Fingers and toes – These are the lowest-priority body parts for the heart, as well as the farthest away

Understand Cocaine and Your Heart at California Centers for Recovery

Your heart health is important for living a long, healthy life. In exchange for all of the perceived benefits of cocaine, consider if this is a price worth paying. It may feel like it’s too late to make any meaningful change in your life, but that isn’t true. Circumstances and attitudes change all the time, and the next direction your life takes is up to you.

The decision to remove yourself from cocaine addiction is not an easy one. Doing it alone can feel like an insurmountable task, but there is help. For years, California Centers for Recovery has been providing personalized, quality care in the South Bay Area. With cocaine’s ever-increasing prevalence in the social scene, it’s vital that we provide a cocaine detox program suited for all backgrounds. Reach out to learn more by calling 877.328.5682.