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How Many Times Does a Person Go to Rehab Before They Stay Clean and Sober?

Millions of people suffer from substance abuse disorder. An addiction to a substance or substances can destroy your life. When someone is caught in the devastation addiction can cause, there can seem like there is no hope. However, there is hope. Hope is found in recovery. Millions of substance abuse sufferers have found a new path. Many started their journey in recovery by completing a rehab treatment program. Treatment dramatically improves your chances of staying clean and sober. Nevertheless, treatment is not a guarantee to lifelong sobriety. Treatment is the beginning of a wonderful process that will become an integral part of your life. Some are unable to remain clean and sober after one rehab experience. Others keep going back into treatment multiple times. However, there are those who attend a rehab treatment program one time and never relapse. What’s their secret, or is there a secret at all? Let’s look at some important suggestions that might help you stay clean and sober after one rehab treatment program.

Use the Wisdom of a Professional

One important aspect of getting into the right treatment program is following the advice of a substance abuse specialist. These people care about you. They do not want you to fail in your recovery. Every time you relapse, it could cost you your life. Trained addiction counselors will review your personal situation and make recommendations. Listen to the advice of these professionals. They are there to help you make wise decisions. Use the wisdom of a professional when choosing the type and length of treatment.

Avoid Looking for the Easy Way Out

This is where the experienced advice of a substance abuse specialist can be invaluable. Some feel like they can show up for something such as a 30-day rehab program and magically stay clean and sober forever. It doesn’t usually work that way. Since you’re using the experience and knowledge of a professional, allow them to recommend the type and length of treatment. Sometimes outpatient treatment can be enough to turn your life around. However, there are levels of addiction that must be considered. If you do not have unique circumstances that prevent you from considering a residential inpatient program, strongly consider this option. The statistics for individuals who attend a 90-day inpatient treatment program far exceed a shorter residential program or outpatient. A 90-day commitment may seem like a lot, however, you must avoid looking for the easy way out.

Finish What You Start

The failure rate for individuals who do not fully complete a recommended treatment program is not good. Relapse is prevalent. If you want to dramatically improve your chances of staying sober after one treatment program, finish the program. This may include professional recommendations for additional outpatient counseling and group therapy. Outpatient treatment is often used to help reinforce what you learn at an inpatient program, plus continue to provide you with support in your early sobriety. Most treatment programs will also encourage you to become part of a recovery fellowship. Like most of the opportunities you will be exposed to in recovery, this is a suggestion. However, those individuals who take these suggestions seriously are the ones who usually aren’t going back into rehab. Whatever treatment program you begin, make sure you finish what you start.

Never Stop Your Recovery

Regardless of how many times you have to go to rehab, never give up. You can never stop your recovery, even if you don’t have to go back to rehab. Sometimes a brief relapse can kick you back on the right path. The key is to never give up no matter how many times you have to attend a treatment program. While a lot of people stay sober after one rehab experience, a lot don’t. Those who relapse after rehab must rekindle their desire to live clean and sober. A relapse doesn’t have to be a death sentence, but if you don’t get right back to the work of recovery, it might be. Maybe you’ll be one of the fortunate ones who go to rehab a single time. You can be. Nevertheless, even if you relapse after going to treatment, never stop your recovery. Get back up and continue your journey. Putting a number on how many times someone has to go to rehab to stay clean and sober is virtually impossible. There are things people can do, or not do, which dictate how many times they must start over and complete a new or different type of treatment program. However, if you follow the previous suggestions, you may be one of the successful ones who go to treatment once. It happens every day. If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, or have relapsed after treatment, reach out for help. Help is available. All you have to do is ask. Reach out today and begin a wonderful journey in recovery. Call us at 424-499-2603.