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Is Hydrocodone an Opiate?

a person talks to a patient after they ask is hydrocodone an opiate?

Opiates and opioids both define a large number of drugs, running the gamut from pain relief medications to substances as hard as heroin. While heroin and something like hydrocodone are hardly equitable, it’s still worth considering what the two have in common and expanding the question of “Is hydrocodone an opiate?” to “What does taking a hydrocodone mean for me?”  One particular commonality between nearly all opiates is their addictive property. Some opiates have a stronger addictive hold than others, but each has at least some potential to be abused.

The relative ease of access to most lower-end opiates combined with the diminishing returns of getting high means addictions form often, and quitting becomes harder with every use. The process of withdrawal is long, uncomfortable, and dangerous without the help of a drug detox program. That’s why, at California Centers for Recovery, we offer a top-of-the-line opiate detox center in Los Angeles, California with luxury living space and 24/7 accommodations. To begin on your road to recovery, start by calling us at 877.328.5682 or by filling out our online form today.

What Are Opioids, and Is Hydrocodone an Opiate?

So, is hydrocodone an opiate? Strictly speaking, no—hydrocodone is an opioid, but this distinction is fairly inconsequential to the patient. In terms of effects, opioids and opiates achieve the same thing: both drugs attach to receptors in the brain that can lessen painful sensations. As a result, opioids and opiates are regularly used in pain relief, usually following surgery or for treating chronic pain. Neither type of drug is necessarily stronger nor weaker. The distinction is that opiates are naturally derived from the poppy plant, while opioids are partially or entirely synthetic.

Hydrocodone falls into the latter category because while it is naturally sourced, it contains synthetic components as well. It is similar to other prescription-level opioids used for chronic pain, including:

  • Oxycodone
  • Morphine
  • Methadone
  • Fentanyl
  • Codeine

Regardless of the distinction, opiates and opioids are highly addictive.

The Risk of Opioid and Opiate Abuse

Many opioids and opiates have medical applications that can make a hugely positive impact on the patient’s quality of life. As an unfortunate byproduct of being a medication that eases pain so effectively, these drugs are frequently abused and routinely distributed in illicit marketplaces. Opioid abuse has climbed each year in the U.S., with the National Institute on Drug Abuse stating that over 2.5 million Americans suffer from some kind of opioid use disorder.

Opioid use disorders are dangerous on multiple levels. Overdose on prescribed medications is possible, but illegally distributed opioids are considerably deadlier. There is almost no way for consumers to differentiate whether or not these drugs have been cut with fentanyl or any other highly addictive and deadly substance. As a result of the increasing amount of fentanyl content in illegal opioids, deaths by opioid usage have been on the rise.

Opioid Detox Can Be Comfortable at California Centers for Recovery

If you or someone you love has undergone surgery, experienced chronic pain, or taken hydrocodone for another medical reason, understand the risks that come with taking any opioid. Quitting opioids on your own is difficult, especially after a period of misuse. If opioids have taken control of your life, take it back with the help of the team at California Centers for Recovery.

Our opiate detox center provides around-the-clock care with direct supervision and medically assisted detox treatment to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. We want to make recovery as safe and as comfortable as possible, and part of that involves providing comfortable living space in Los Angeles, California. Detox is only one step in the recovery process. Take the first step by contacting our team today at 877.328.5682 and learning about what our opiate detox center has to offer.