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Recognizing Signs of Heroin Overdose

a person looks sad as they hold their hands to their face in a hood, potentially struggling with heroin overdose

The United States is still facing an opioid overdose epidemic that is wreaking havoc in communities across the United States, and Southern California is no exception. Heroin has a long history of damaging lives, but abuse and overdose rates continue to rise. When someone becomes chemically dependent on the drug, they cannot quit on their own safely. Once an individual is addicted to heroin, they will face withdrawal symptoms that are often uncomfortable and painful. This makes treatment and recovery especially challenging. Without proper treatment and medical attention, individuals not only risk relapsing but also a heroin overdose.

A professional detox center is your best chance for safe and successful detox and recovery. If you are looking for a heroin detox program in California, we can help you. At California Centers for Recovery, we are dedicated to helping people reclaim their lives from addiction. Our passionate team is ready to help you or a loved one find healing and build a happier and healthier future. Call 877.328.5682 now to get help.

Recognizing Heroin Abuse

When someone struggles with heroin abuse, they can become good at hiding their struggles from others. However, continued use can lead to significant consequences for their health and safety. Identifying struggles with heroin addiction and encouraging treatment can ensure the person gets the proper care and support they need.

Below are some of the common signs of heroin abuse:

  • Developing a tolerance
  • Lying about heroin use, making excuses, or hiding it from others
  • Stealing money to buy more
  • Experiencing financial struggles
  • Obtaining and abusing heroin despite its dangers
  • Engaging in risky behavior while under the influence
  • Giving up significant activities in favor of using
  • Continuing to use it even though it has negative consequences on health, relationships, and work performance
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when reducing or stopping use

If you or someone in your life is struggling with heroin addiction, seek professional help as soon as possible. Putting treatment off can endanger your safety and well-being. California Centers for Recovery can help you heal and get back on your feet.

Signs of a Heroin Overdose

A heroin overdose is the result of opioid toxicity, where the effects of the drug overwhelm a person’s system. Heroin affects the areas in the brain that play a role in regulating respiratory rate. In high doses, the drug can lead to dangerously slowed breathing. Respiratory depression can escalate to respiratory arrest and, in extreme cases, death. The risk of an overdose increases when combined with other substances. Recognizing the signs of a heroin dose can be critical when someone’s life is in danger.

Some of the common signs of a heroin overdose are:

  • Drowsiness or lethargy
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Body going limp
  • Uncontrolled vomiting
  • Making choking or gurgling sounds
  • Slowed pulse
  • Shallow or labored breathing
  • Blue, clammy, or cold skin
  • Not being able to wake the person up

A heroin overdose is a medical emergency. If you notice these signs and believe someone is overdosing, call 911 immediately to get medical attention as soon as possible. Naloxone is a medication that can reverse an overdose quickly and safely and should be given to the person if it is readily available. If the individual is awake, talk to them and try to keep them awake. If they are unconscious, lay them on their side so they do not choke. It is critical to stay with the person until first responders arrive.

Call for Heroin Addiction Treatment at California Centers for Recovery

California Centers for Recovery offers a variety of treatments and interventions to minimize complications and side effects during the early stages of detox and rehab. Our luxurious center and accommodations focus on your privacy and safety. Get the help you need today and avoid the risk of overdose. Start treatment by calling 877.328.5682 or contacting us online.