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If you or a loved one are struggling to stop using drugs or alcohol, our team of addiction experts can help you get sober a learn the skills for lifelong recovery.

Treating Alcohol Abuse in Women

a woman holds her head as she deals with the symptoms of alcohol abuse in women

Men and women experience addiction differently. While alcohol abuse is still the cause of alcohol use disorder, social and biological differences between genders can lead to varying effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Treating alcohol abuse in women requires a targeted approach that considers these differences.

California Centers for Recovery offers gender-specific addiction treatment at our luxury rehab center. Our gender-specific tracks provide support for people in environments in which they may feel more secure and focused on their recovery. However, we are an inclusive program open to people of all identities and offer treatment that takes into account the unique needs of each person. Learn more about our women’s rehab program in Manhattan Beach, California, by calling 877.328.5682 today.

The Prevalence of Alcohol Abuse in Women

Alcohol abuse in women is a growing concern globally. Recent statistics show that around 9% of women overall have an alcohol use disorder (AUD). This percentage increases to about 17% for women between the ages of 18 and 25. Over the past decade, there has been a significant increase in alcohol consumption among women, with a 58% rise in heavy drinking. It’s crucial to understand the extent of this issue to effectively address it.

Defining Alcohol Use Disorder in Women

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a chronic relapsing brain disease characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences. AUD affects women differently than men. For example, women absorb more alcohol than men due to differences in chemistry and body structure. This means women can be more vulnerable to the effects of excessive use, abuse, and addiction.

The Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

Gender-specific treatment is a key factor in addressing alcohol abuse in women. These programs take into account the unique challenges and circumstances that women face when dealing with addiction.

Some of the unique social challenges women with alcohol use disorder may encounter include:

  • Negative stereotypes or stigma associated with seeking help for alcohol abuse
  • Difficulty in opening up to treatment providers due to past trauma
  • Coercive pressures from family or partners to remain in relationships despite codependent behavior fueled by drinking
  • Fear of losing custody of children as a result of substance abuse

Women may feel more comfortable discussing personal issues in a gender-specific environment, which can lead to more open communication and a stronger support system. Gender-specific treatment also addresses the different ways alcohol affects women physically, providing a tailored approach to detoxification and recovery.

When to Find Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Recognizing the signs of alcohol abuse and knowing when to seek help are critical steps in the recovery process. If you or someone you know is frequently binge drinking, showing signs of dependence on alcohol, or experiencing negative impacts on their physical or mental health due to alcohol use, it may be time to seek help. Remember, it’s never too early to reach out. Rehab centers offer a variety of programs designed to help individuals overcome alcoholism and regain control over their lives.

Women’s Addiction Treatment at California Centers for Recovery

At California Centers for Recovery, we understand the unique challenges women face in overcoming alcohol use disorder. Our gender-specific tracks provide a safe and secure environment where our clients can focus on their recovery without worrying about judgment or stigma. We offer evidence-based therapies that are tailored to each individual’s treatment needs, including talk therapy and stress management, as well as holistic therapies such as yoga and meditation.

Learn more about our women’s rehab center in Southern California by calling 877.328.5682 or completing our online form today.