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If you or a loved one are struggling to stop using drugs or alcohol, our team of addiction experts can help you get sober a learn the skills for lifelong recovery.

What Is Alcohol Rehab Like?

Most first-time rehab treatment seekers ask what alcohol rehab looks like. Most people think that alcohol rehab is a complex process, but it is just a medical procedure. Alcohol rehab aims to solve an issue (alcoholism) affecting you emotionally, physically, and mentally. This is because alcohol abuse may jeopardize your job, it may cause your relationship to suffer, and you may also face legal problems. Let’s explore what alcohol rehab is like.

Alcohol Rehab: Detoxification

If you have an issue with alcohol and have reached a point where you feel you require professional assistance, you are on the journey to recovery. The moment you make an admission appointment, you will begin to pack the things allowed in the rehab center. On arrival, you will go through the whole admission process then head to the detox department. Regardless of whether you want an outpatient or an inpatient program, your recovery will begin with detox, which is the process of eliminating alcohol in your system. You are also likely to have withdrawal symptoms if you are highly dependent on alcohol. Alcohol detox aims to make your withdrawal process easy and smooth. Withdrawing alcohol abruptly and were an addict may lead to the following symptoms. • Depression • Anxiety • Delirium tremens • Hallucinations • Sleeping problems • Sweating • Unstable changes in heart rate and blood pressure • Shakiness • Vomiting and nausea It is essential to ensure that you are under the watch of professionals who will offer you the right medication in case of a complication during the withdrawal process. If your symptoms are mild, you may need group and therapy support. Alcohol detox will take between two and seven days. After detox, you will get introduced to a support system that will help you to remain sober.

What Alcohol Rehab is Like

After dealing with the physical effects, alcoholism treatment may now begin. This mainly involves a therapy called behavioral modification. Behavioral treatment aims to change alcohol consumption behavior by counseling the victim. Professionals to lead these behavioral modification therapies, and research studies support them by giving them advantages. Here are some of the reasons why you may require behavioral therapy. • Alcohol alters your levels of neurotransmitters, and this affects brain chemistry • One important neurotransmitter is glutamate, and alcohol suppresses its release leading to slow brain function • GABA is a brain component that minimizes energy and brings calmness. Consumption of alcohol heightens GABA effects • Alcohol leads to increased production of dopamine. The effect of this increase is excessive consumption of alcohol, thinking that you are feeling great • With time, the effect of dopamine vanishes, but the feeling of wanting to consume more and more alcohol still exists. This may eventually result in addiction The process of reversing the above effects is a bit slow. This makes you suffer from cravings, but the treatment will help you overcome the longing for alcohol consumption. Behavioral modification therapy helps you modify your attitude, abstain from drug abuse, and promote your life skills.

What Takes Place in Alcohol Rehab

Here are some activities or things that take place in alcohol rehab. • Support groups • Individual therapy • Skill-building sessions • Aftercare planning and follow-up treatment • Medication management Depending on the center’s programs and your treatment track, you will meet with your counselor after successful medical detox. You will get to meet other individuals who are going through the same issue you are experiencing. You will be able to bond with other recovering alcoholics or addicts, eat together, spend time together, and share your experiences. You will come to realize that the best support you can have while in or after you leave the center is these people. You will find yourself engaging in activities such as fitness therapy and activity therapy, where you will keep your body fit while having fun. If you have other issues such as depression, the psychiatric team will also come in and help you. If you choose to involve your family members in your recovery process, you will have another form of treatment called family therapy.

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It is important to note that alcohol rehab is a second chance to live a sober life. If you choose to go for alcohol rehab, you will have to commit yourself completely and undergo the treatment. If you have an alcohol consumption problem, don’t hesitate to contact us today, as our team is always ready to help you. Call us at 424-499-2603.