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What to Write in a Card for Someone in Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

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Going to rehab or an alcohol detox program is your loved one’s best choice for learning how to stop destructive habits and begin living their best life. As a friend or family member of someone who is dealing with an addiction, you might have mixed emotions. You may still have some residual anger or frustration in your heart because of some of the things that they did in the past. Yet, you also know that they need your support to finally get sober. 

In rehab, people often depend upon receiving letters and phone calls that remind them that people are waiting on the outside to help them start their new sober lifestyle. Receiving a card will likely be the highlight of your loved one’s day, but you may be having trouble figuring out how to even start writing them a good message. Figuring out what to write in a card for someone in rehab for alcohol addiction takes careful thought and planning, but you can do it by exploring what other people have done.

How to Begin

Before you start writing anything, you’ll want to remember that trying to keep it positive is important. This isn’t the time to hash out your differences or chastise your loved one for their addiction. Reading negative words could set back your loved one’s progress. If you have unresolved issues, then don’t worry. You’ll get a chance to work those things out later on. For now, focus on saying things that build them up and help to bolster their confidence. If you are having trouble starting, consider using one of these sentence starters to jog your creativity.

  • I’m so proud that you….
  • I am looking forward to…
  • I just wanted to say happy birthday, anniversary, etc…
  • I read this funny joke and thought you’d like to hear it…
  • Our dog just did the funniest thing…
  • I am wondering if I can do anything to help here at home…

While you may not know what to write in a card for someone in rehab, sticking to something heartfelt and positive can provide extra support during a time they need it.

Show Your Loved One in Recovery Support

The most important thing to remember is that you can say anything to your loved one. You’ll want to keep your message authentic; otherwise, you could take up one side of the card telling a story about something silly your kids just did. If you feel comfortable enough, mentioning a few qualities you love about the person you are writing to can also be beneficial. Your loved one can save the card and re-read it whenever they need a confidence boost. Some people also include positive quotes that tap into what their loved one may be dealing with in treatment. Sometimes, finding a quote helps you put into words what you might not know how to say on your own.

If your loved one practices a religion, include a scripture or prayer that you know will resonate with their spirituality. Or, you could simply include a poem that you feel matches your sentiments. Even just writing, “I care about you,” goes a long way toward lifting your loved one’s spirits. Once you start writing, you may find that the next sentences get easier. You may also find that you have more to say when your loved one writes back. If you just aren’t the type to write much, then you can also look for a card that already has a message printed inside. Then, you can simply sign your name and let your loved one know that you love them.

Beating Writer’s Block

Writer’s block often happens when you feel pressured to jot down the perfect thing. If you are struggling with a fear of imperfection, try to let it go. Sometimes, the best thing you can do to overcome writer’s block is to walk away or think of something else. Occupying your time with something else can unlock new ideas. Try doing something like:

  • Taking a walk – Getting outside and away from your desk can help clear your head.
  • Listening to music – Music has a calming effect and can set the tone for creativity.
  • Talking to someone else – Get another perspective by discussing it with a friend or family member.
  • Reading something inspirational– Find some quotes and stories that touch you.
  • Going for a drive – Going for a drive can help you sort out your thoughts.
  • Meditating – Perhaps the most traditional way to clear your mind, meditating is a great way to find inspiration and motivate yourself.
  • Doing something creative like drawing, painting, or crafting – Doing something creative and artistic can help spark your own artistic side.
  • Watching your favorite movie or show – Watching a movie or show that you love can give you an escape and help get your creative juices flowing.

When you come back to the table to write, you may find that the words just start flowing. Remembering that your friend or family member who is in rehab just wants to hear from you can take some of the pressure off. They know that you may struggle with finding the right things to say, but they’ll appreciate you making an effort.

Alcohol Rehab at California Centers for Recovery

At California Centers for Recovery, we understand that sobriety is not easy. That’s why our alcohol rehab centers have been designed with your loved one’s needs in mind. Our team of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals is available 24/7 to provide a safe and structured environment and individualized treatment plans tailored to each person’s unique needs. We also offer a wide range of services, from detoxification to 12-step groups.

Do you need some more ideas for what to write in a card for someone in rehab? We love helping to spread positivity. Contact us today at 877.328.5682 to find out how to support someone through their alcohol addiction treatment.