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How to Stay Sober During the Summer

a person smiles as they bike outside, exercise is idea of how to stay sober

Summer is the season of social gatherings, vacations, and perfect weather (depending on where you live, anyway.) It’s no wonder, then, that summer is a hotspot for alcohol consumption. Many people who have since moved on from alcohol find summer to be a particularly difficult time to turn a blind eye to the enduring appeal of alcohol. The danger of relapse is something recovered alcoholics are more aware of, leading many to search for advice on how to stay sober during the summer.

Staying sober can feel isolating at times. It might feel like you’re taking the wind out of the sails by refusing to drink, but we think differently at California Centers for Recovery. Sobriety takes an immense amount of effort and dedication to pursue, which is why our Los Angeles-based treatment center offers a number of therapies to help our clients recover and stay sober. Call our team today at 877.328.5682 or reach out to us online to learn about our variety of programs, including residential care and a dual diagnosis treatment program.

Advice for Maintaining Sobriety

It can be challenging to refuse alcohol during events with your peers present. Even though alcohol has undeniably cemented itself as a staple beverage for many summertime activities, it’s essential to keep a clear view of your priorities. If you’ve already made an effort to become sober, you know there’s too much at stake to sacrifice for a day of drinking.

There are several different outlooks one can have on the importance of maintaining sobriety. Depending on your personal priorities, some may resonate with you more than others. Some helpful things to keep in mind when maintaining sobriety are:

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Risks

It can be tempting to forgo sobriety for a special occasion. Celebrating birthdays or anniversaries with alcohol is commonplace, but also poses a risk to those trying to avoid alcohol. Occasions like these shouldn’t be avoided outright, which places an even greater emphasis on personal responsibility.

Accountability from Others

Utilizing a network of people who care about your health and well-being is another key step in maintaining sobriety. Accountability can come in the form of a sobriety group, regular doctor visits, or just having friends or family who genuinely want you to succeed in your recovery efforts. Being held accountable can be tenuous, but it should ultimately feel like a shared goal rather than a restraint from indulging in alcohol again.

Coping Mechanisms

Quitting does take a physical and mental toll, especially on formerly heavy drinkers, making developing a set of coping mechanisms essential. There are several ways to cope with giving up alcohol. The impulse to drink could be consciously replaced by preparing a meal or consuming non-alcoholic beverages instead. If alcohol was being used as a way to self-medicate for a disorder of any kind, finding a more sustainable fix is vital to ensure you don’t slip back into drinking.

Reaching Out for Help

Finally, there’s always help available for people in recovery through any number of means. Being honest about your emotional state and how the lack of alcohol has changed means others can help you make the hard choices, like returning to rehab or entering aftercare.

How Professional Treatment Can Make a Difference

When there are obvious threats to your sobriety or that of a loved one, professional care for alcohol use disorder can help in many ways. At California Centers for Recovery, we set our clients up for long-term success. In cases where clients are having trouble staying sober, we have what it takes to support them.

Wondering How to Stay Sober? California Centers for Recovery Can Help

Given how complex living with an alcohol use disorder can be, we work to provide the most personalized and thorough luxury care we can. By enrolling in our alcohol use disorder treatment program, you or your loved one can experience the highest echelon of treatment in our Los Angeles-based recovery center. Call California Centers for Recovery today at 877.328.5682 or reach out online to ask about our dual diagnosis program.